Abraham Walker is a Dark Force agent in the Tulare County division. He's the teams second in command. Despite this he often goes against Mitchell's orders and usually has to plan his own strategy's out as Mitchell's often get people hurt.

Personal Background/Service RecordEdit

Abraham was born in May 1995 to an unnamed mother and father and grew up in Fresno, California. Abraham is an only child who's parents have been missing for 16 years when he was 5. While growing up without his parents Abraham was forced to live in the streets of Fresno for 4 days, just 40 days after his parents disappearance, until a passing by Dark Force patrol rescued him and took him in. When Abraham turned 16 he started training and learning self defense at classes at Dark Force HQ and when he turned 17 he enlisted into the Dark Force graduating at the top of his division in basic training causing him to quickly rise through its ranks. When he was 18 he was assigned his first student, a hotshot 22 year old from North Carolina. During this time Abraham was in the process of hunting down infamous crime lord Azrael DeSantos, and a student greatly slowed down his progress. Later that year he tracked down Azrael with help from his student and took down Azrael with a shot to the chest with a 50. Caliber sniper rifle, after Azrael's death, Abraham was promoted to sergeant and his student became a Corporal and was removed from being Abraham's student and was swiftly transferred to Denver, Colorado much to Abraham's dismay. Abraham spent the rest of his year training and relaxing now that Azrael was dead and his services aren't required during times of peace. He met his close friend Tyler in early 2016 when he joined the 105th legion, and the two quickly got along as they had a lot in common. It wasn't til later that year that crime quickly got worse as The Cartel Wars were revived that he was called into battle again. During this point he received a new student to lead and charge into battle. He is currently a Staff Sergeant.