The Cartel Wars is a 3 part arc that introduces all main characters and sets up the tone and feel of the season.

Summary Edit

The year is 2016, and the world has been caught in the middle of destructive war, The Cartel Wars. All the cartels around the world have united to overthrow the world leaders for power and hoping to build there own criminal empire, all because of one man Ezriel. Russia, Texas, and Brazil, one by one they all fell to the cartels. Russian tanks sit in the mountains of Russia poised to strike to the south and east. The world holds its breath, and waits. After 2 years, the C.I.A. has assigned U.S. Advanced Recon Commandos Group 5, 1st Battalion, B Company, Callsign "Hunter 2-2," to bring down the cartels and bring peace to the world. This handful of elites represent the tip of the spear, the first line of defense. They are trained in the latest Technics of covert and modern warfare. They strike swiftly, silently, deadly. They call themselves, "The Dark Force."

Cast Edit

Abraham Dorado as Abraham

To Be Determined as Elena Carson

To Be Determined as Scott Mitchell

To Be Determined as Isaac Sarconi

Trivia Edit

  • This episode takes place 7 months after the events of the 1st Bunny Bust and 1 month before the events of Bunny Bust II.